St John’s Grammar School Master Plan

Draft plan now available for community consultation and feedback



The conceptual draft of the new Master Plan for St John’s Grammar School has been constructed by Walter Brooke.

Next steps involve a tiered approach to consulting with all members of our School community with the two-fold aim of ensuring we have met our community expectations and to refine our conceptual draft into a compelling and exciting blueprint for developing infrastructure over the immediate future of the School.

We invite you to:

  1. Read the Draft Master Plan which incorporates big ticket items alongside improvements and repairs to current assets.
  2. Read the Friday Flyer about the goals and initiatives driving the Draft Master Plan.
  3. Complete the form below to provide your feedback.

Please keep in mind:

  • We have established Pillar Advisory Groups based on our Strategic Plan Pillars and these teams of committed experts from our School community explore current and future thinking and present new opportunities for the School to consider – please contact us if you would like to be a part of these.
  • The window of consultation will be open indefinitely as we progress with these projects.
  • The second tier of consultation will involve the collaboration between teams of staff and educational architects will work with the key planners to ensure we are developing leading relevant infrastructure that meets the very clear intentions we have for each space.

Master Plan Feedback Form

Please complete the below form to provide your feedback on the School’s Draft Master Plan. Please note that none of these questions are compulsory and responses can be anonymous, however if you would like the opportunity to discuss your responses further we will require contact details to be entered.