ELC and Junior School Year Level ‘Coffee and Cake’ Mornings

The P&F Junior School Community Team have arranged a series of ‘Coffee and Cake’ mornings at the Sheoak Cafe to give parents an opportunity to catch up with other parents in their child’s year level.

We have scheduled the Term 4 series of ‘Coffee & Cake’ mornings at the Sheoak Cafe as follows:

ELC – Friday 5 November at 9am

Reception – Friday 5 November at 9am

Year 1 – Friday 29 October at 9am

Year 2 – Friday 22 October at 9am

Year 3 – Friday 12 November at 9am

Year 4 – Friday Friday 19 November at 9am

Year 5 – Friday 3 December at 9am

Year 6 – Friday 26 November at 9am

The Sheoak Cafe will be offering a Coffee and Cake special for $10 for any parents that attend.

Please RSVP by COB the Wednesday prior to your year level coffee and cake morning by clicking here. We will send you a text if your Coffee & Cake morning is cancelled due to any reason.

We hope you all have a lovely time catching up!

Your sincerely,

Junior School Community Team

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