Junior School PE Week 2021

PE WEEK 2021 – Week 5, Term 4

Dear Junior School Parents,

Every year our Junior School celebrates the National Physical Education Week during Week 5, Term 4. Please see below for the activities that are available for your child to participate in during the week. Students in Year 3-6 are permitted to wear their PE uniform on non PE days if they are participating in PE Week activities.


MONDAY 8 November

OVAL DASH FINALS (Qualified students only from PE lesson trials – competitors to be notified of their selection by Friday 29 October)

R-2 RECESS 11.00 – 11.20am

3-6 LUNCH 12.50 – 1.30pm


TUESDAY 9 November

LUNCH 12.50-1.30pm

Year R-2 House Soccer JS Oval (available to all R-2 children)


R-6 Jump Rope Eastern Netball Court (available to all R-6 children)


WEDNESDAY 10 November

LUNCH – JS OVAL 12.50-1.40pm

STAFF Versus YEAR 6 NETBALL MATCH (available to all Year 6 children)


THURSDAY 11 November

LUNCH 12.50-1.30pm

3/4 House Soccer JS Oval (available to all Year 3/4 children)


FRIDAY 12 November

LUNCH 12.50-1.30pm

5/6 House Soccer JS Oval (available to all Year 5/6 children)


Yours sincerely,

Simon Laube
Coordinator of Physical Education & Sport – Junior School

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