Community Support Network

St John’s Grammar School has a long standing tradition of being a caring school. We have decided to find ways in which we can provide practical short term assistance to school families.

Coordinated by a parent volunteer, this is a valuable opportunity for our community to be able to be even more supportive.

Areas of Support
Illness, loss of employment or the arrival of a newborn child are just some of many times when extra care and assistance may be of value to families in the St John’s community.

The program hopes to provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Providing meals
  • Transport of children to/from school
  • Assistance with domestic duties
  • Providing care assistance
  • Other (at the discretion of the coordinator)

How to access
All families go through times when extra support is needed. Families who would like to access the Community Support Network, or know of a family who are in need of support, are asked to contact the parent coordinator of this program, Corinne Antic, on 0422 748 428 or

Confidentiality and sensitivity to the family’s needs will be kept foremost in mind.

How you can help
To enable the provision of support to families, we would like to establish a register of people who would be able to provide help. Please complete the form below indicating times and areas of assistance that you are able to provide, and this information will be received by Corinne.