Pulse Wellbeing App


In Term 4, we are trialling a new wellbeing app, ‘Pulse’, that will provide students the opportunity to ‘check in’ each week and seek support when needed. The Pulse check-in app presents a pragmatic set of questions developed by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth in collaboration with mental health and wellbeing experts. The check in experience includes a set of 6 questions that will take approximately 1-2 minutes to complete, and asks students about their wellbeing and engagement. An important feature of the app is that it also allows students to ask for help, if needed.

For the last 3 years, our school has initiated our own wellbeing check slips that allowed students to check in during the term. This has been very successful and helped build a culture of checking in with yourself and your wellbeing, looking out for others and normalising seeking help when needed. Feedback from our students indicated that they really valued this strategy but that they wanted more regular opportunities to do this within a term. Therefore we will trial Pulse for Term 4, with the potential for implementing this into our regular approaches to wellbeing from 2022.

Pulse was launched with our students at our assembly this week and Pulse will commence next Wednesday, with students receiving an email asking them to complete their first check in.

For more information about Pulse, please click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions. The privacy statement is also included here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Leader of Student Wellbeing, Carlee Mitchell.

Run Against Violence Community Film Night


Run Against Violence Community Film Night – All welcome

As part of our Stage 1 Health and Wellbeing course, we will be involved in this year’s Run Against Violence campaign. Our class will take part in a community film night, led by Ms Hunt (a participant in the event – running 1300km in 19 days with her team) on Monday 30 August in the JBC. We will be contributing a range of interactive foyer displays that promote awareness for an end to family violence. The night will feature two short documentaries from the Run Against Violence organisation and a guest speaker.

It’s a free event but bookings are essential as numbers are limited due to Covid restrictions. Run Against Violence – Book Here

Event Program

6:30pm             Interactive foyer displays about family violence by Stage 1 Health and Wellbeing students

7:00pm             The Steps Together documentary (rated M)

7.30pm             Guest Speaker, Kat Herine from the Red Heart Campaign

7.50pm             Iceberg documentary (rated MA15+)

8.15pm             Finish

If current restrictions change,  we will still run the event via zoom.

We hope to see you there!

Stage 1 Health and Wellbeing Students, Carlee Mitchell and Rebecca Hunt

Wellbeing Masterclass Series for Parents


Our approach to Wellbeing at St John’s Grammar is about a holistic approach to learning about wellbeing and ensuring our whole school community flourishes through a strong culture of promoting and supporting wellbeing. In June, we are excited to offer our parents a series of Wellbeing Masterclasses and we strongly encourage our parent community to attend, gaining valuable insights from experts in their fields and a greater understanding of the wellbeing programs, initiatives and knowledge shared with your children regularly.

Key events in June (suitable for parents of Year 5 – 12) are:

If you have any questions about these upcoming events, please don’t hesitate to contact our Leader of Student Wellbeing, Carlee Mitchell.

2021 Wellbeing and Engagement Collection


Dear Parents and Caregivers

Wellbeing and Engagement Collection

Students in Year 4-12 have been invited to take part in a survey being conducted in Term 1 2021.  This is a survey that our school participates in each year and provides us with important wellbeing data. This article provides key information about the survey.

Purpose of the collection

Young people’s sense of wellbeing is an important part of how they learn at school. The purpose of the survey is to seek students’ views about their wellbeing and their engagement with school.  Students in year levels 4 to 12 across South Australia will be invited to participate in the Wellbeing and Engagement Collection. The information collected will help the education system and broader community to support young people’s health and wellbeing.

What is the survey about?

The survey asks students about their social and emotional wellbeing; school relationships and engagement and learning in school; and physical health and wellbeing and after school activities. Students’ answers will be kept confidential – no one (including school staff) will use the results to identify individual students.

What is involved in project participation?

Teachers will arrange for students to undertake the survey during class time. Students will be asked if they would like to participate and will be free to withdraw at any time. If you do not want your child to participate, please contact Carlee Mitchell, Leader of Student Wellbeing by Wednesday 24 March.

 Will students’ information be kept confidential?

The Department takes measures to ensure students’ personal information and their identities remain anonymous when participating in the survey.

Participating schools with fewer than 5 students undertaking the survey will not receive a school report in order to protect the confidentiality of students.

What will happen if a student is distressed during or after the survey?

Whilst the survey questions are not expected to distress students, the survey includes questions that ask about topics such as students’ happiness and experiences of being bullied. Teachers will inform students that:

  • If they find the survey uncomfortable or distressing, they should leave the survey screen immediately
  • It is not compulsory to take part in the survey as a whole, and
  • Students may skip individual survey questions if they wish.

Students who may want to speak to an adult about concerns or issues and will be supported to do so.

Where can I get more information?

Further information on the Wellbeing and Engagement Collection can be found at www.education.sa.gov.au (search:wec) or can be collected from the school. For questions or concerns, or to view the questions, please email Education.WECSA@sa.gov.au.

Likewise, I am your school contact and I am happy to discuss any queries you may have.  Please contact me via email: cmitchell@stjohns.sa.edu.au or phone: 82780278.


Carlee Mitchell
Leader of Student Wellbeing