Middle School

Wellbeing Masterclass Series for Parents


Our approach to Wellbeing at St John’s Grammar is about a holistic approach to learning about wellbeing and ensuring our whole school community flourishes through a strong culture of promoting and supporting wellbeing. In June, we are excited to offer our parents a series of Wellbeing Masterclasses and we strongly encourage our parent community to attend, gaining valuable insights from experts in their fields and a greater understanding of the wellbeing programs, initiatives and knowledge shared with your children regularly.

Key events in June (suitable for parents of Year 5 – 12) are:

If you have any questions about these upcoming events, please don’t hesitate to contact our Leader of Student Wellbeing, Carlee Mitchell.

Year 7 and 8 Camp Registration


Dear Year 7 and Year 8 Parents,

The registration process for the Year 7 and 8 camps has now commenced. Both camps will take place in Week 9 of Term 1. The Year 7 Camp is held on Hindmarsh Island, running from Tuesday 23 – Friday 26 March and the Year 8 Camp is held at Roonka Water Activity Centre on the Murray River, running from Monday 22 to Friday 26 March. All our Middle School Camps are facilitated by Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures who are a leading Outdoor Education Company in South Australia.

Please click on the links below to view the parent letter for each camp with the details to register your child as well as program outlines and equipment details. We request that registration is completed by Monday 15 March to allow Wilderness Escape time to finalise the program.

Year 7 Camp Parent Letter

Year 8 Camp Parent Letter

All students will participate in a camp workshop during the Wednesday morning ‘Wellbeing’ program, and they will have ample opportunity to prepare for the camp. I ask you to please click on the link in the parent letter and download all the relevant information. Hard copies will also be available for your child.

If you have any questions regarding the structure, timings and organisation involved in preparing for camp please contact me via email at ptravis@stjohns.sa.edu.au

If you have any questions about the registration process please contact Wilderness Escape directly, contact details are on the parent letter.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Travis
Outdoor Education Coordinator